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They theorize that when the moon perfectly covers the sun, as it will on July 2, a metaphorical shadow will pass across some part of our lives, perhaps triggering crises. I don't agree with that gloomy assessment; I consider a solar eclipse to be a harbinger of grace and slack and freedom. In my view, the time before and after this cosmic event might resemble what the workplace is like when the boss is out of town.

Or it may be a sign that your inner critic is going to shut up and leave you alone for a while. Or you could suddenly find that you can access the willpower and ingenuity you need so as to change something about your life that you've been wanting to change. So I advise you to start planning now to take advantage of the upcoming blessings of the eclipse. LEO July 23—Aug 22 : What are you doing with the fertility and creativity that have been sweeping through your life during the first six months of ?

Are you witheringly idealistic, caught up in perfectionistic detail as you cautiously follow outmoded rules about how to make best use of that fertility and creativity? Or are you being expansively pragmatic, wielding your lively imagination to harness that fertility and creativity to generate transformations that will improve your life forever? That's never an easy assignment for anyone, but right now it's less difficult for you than ever before.

As you prepare for the joyous ordeal, I urge you to shed the expectation that it will require you to make a burdensome sacrifice. Instead, picture the process as involving the loss of a small pleasure that paves the way for a greater pleasure. Imagine you will finally be able to give a giant gift you've been bursting to express.

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No one had ever done such a thing. Sixty-six years later, American astronauts succeeded at an equally momentous feat. They piloted a craft that departed from Earth and landed on the surface of the moon. The first motorcycle was another quantum leap in humans' ability to travel. Two German inventors created the first one in But it took years before any person did a backflip while riding a motorcycle.

If I had to compare your next potential breakthrough to one or the other marvelous invention, I'd say it'll be more metaphorically similar to a motorcycle flip than the moon landing. It may not be crucial to the evolution of the human race, but it will be impressive—and a testament to your hard work. He was on a mission to find and arrest devotees of Jesus and bring them back to Jerusalem to be punished. Saul's plans got waylaid, however—or so the story goes.

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A "light from heaven" knocked him down, turned him blind, and spoke to him in the voice of Jesus. Three days later, Saul's blindness was healed and he pledged himself to forevermore be one of those devotees of Jesus he had previously persecuted. I don't expect a transformation quite so spectacular for you in the coming weeks, Scorpio. But I do suspect you will change your mind about an important issue and consider making a fundamental edit of your belief system.

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You may also have healing and inspirational effects. And yes, both of those statements are true. You should probably warn your allies that you might be almost unbearably interesting. Let them know you could change their minds and disprove their theories. But also tell them that if they remain open to your rowdy grace and boisterous poise, you might provide them with curative stimulation they didn't even know they needed.

Food researchers at the McDonald's restaurant chain decided to address the problem. In an effort to render this ultra-healthy vegetable more palatable, they concocted a version that tasted like bubble gum. In the past months, you have been doing good work to become more of a fully realized version of yourself. I expect that the deepening and maturation process is reaching a culmination. Don't underestimate your success!

Celebrate it! How did sound technicians create the signature roar of the fictional monster Godzilla? They slathered pine-tar resin on a leather glove and stroked it against the strings of a double bass. How about the famous howl of the fictional character Tarzan? Sonic artists blended a hyena's screech played backwards; a dog's growl; a soprano singer's fluttered intonation slowed down; and an actor's yell. Karen O, lead singer of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, periodically unleashes very long screams that may make the hair stand up on the back of her listeners' necks.

In accordance with astrological omens, I'd love to see you experiment with creating your own personal Yowl or Laugh or Whisper of Power in the coming weeks: a unique sound that would boost your wild confidence and help give you full access to your primal lust for life. In accordance with astrological imperatives, I propose that we make that your watchword for the foreseeable future.

From what I can tell, you're due to upgrade your long-term goals. You have the courage and vision necessary to dare yourself toward an even more fulfilling destiny than you've been willing or ready to imagine up until now. How did our ancestors ever figure out that the calendula flower can be used as healing medicine for irritated and inflamed skin? It must have been a very long process of trial and error. Or did the plant somehow "communicate" to Indigenous herbalists, informing them of its use? In any case, this curative herb is only one of hundreds of plants that people somehow came to adjudge as having healing properties.

According to my analysis of the astrological omens, Gemini, you now have the patience and perspicacity to engage in a comparable process: to find useful resources through experiment and close observation—with a hardy assist from your intuition. Today the city of Timbuktu in Mali is poor and in the throes of desertification.

But from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries, it was one of the great cultural centres of the world.

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Its libraries filled up with thousands of influential books, which remained intact until fairly recently. In , Al-Qaeda jihadists conceived a plan to destroy the vast trove of learning and scholarship. One man foiled them. Abba al-Hadi, an illiterate guard who had worked at one of the libraries, smuggled out many of the books in empty rice sacks.

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By the time the jihadists started burning, most of the treasure had been relocated. I don't think the problem in your sphere is anywhere near as dire as this, Cancerian. But I do hope you will be proactive about saving and preserving valuable resources before they're at risk of being diluted, compromised or neglected. Tags: Free Will Astrology. View Results. Demanding the government close the Alton Natural Gas Storage project, shut down Boat Harbour project and close all coal, gas, and biomass generators in the province.

Hundreds of Haligonians gather to mourn the destruction caused by climate change and request government action.

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