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In case the registration number is allotted by the authorities, add each digit of the number. If the sum is either the lucky number or 9, the registration number can be chosen. Most fancy number would be giving this result. Take or for instance. They give 9.


A happy drive awaits owners if this method is followed. The day of bringing the car home is also crucial. The ideal time is five days before and an equal period after the full moon day.

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Another favourable time is days before and after the full moon day. But care needs to be taken to avoid taking possession of the vehicle days after the full moon day.

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  4. One-and-a-half hours each day are set aside as Raahu kalam. They are:. Keeping tiny idols or figures of deities in vehicles is a common practice. Palmistry: How does life line of a successful person look like?

    Things to remember while wearing your lucky stone Astrology says that by wearing gems, a person can strengthen the advantages he or she enjoys as per the horoscope as How to light 5-wick traditional lamp at home The auspicious light of the five-wick lamp is considered to bring in wealth and prosperity to the house. Vastu aspects to keep in mind while designing dining area Building the dining room on the north or east side of the house is considered auspicious according to Vastu.

    Wearing sacred mark on the forehead has several benefits As per astrology, the mark on the forehead needs to be made with a different item on each day of the week to be Magic that green gem emerald can do on your life In astrology, wearing of emerald is suggested to solve the bad effects of the planet Mercury. Witchcraft gets hitech in Romania, practices migrate to web The power of the Internet has allowed Romania's busy witch community to gradually migrate their ancient practices Born on this day?

    പടച്ചോൻ പറഞ്ഞു, നീ കലാകാരനായി ജീവിച്ചാൽ മതി... - SeeReal Star Ft. Nazeer Sankranthi

    Know its astrological implications Those who are born on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday are said to be blessed with good fortunes compared to those born This line on your palm means you have a secret affair If your lifeline starts from the area of Jupiter, it suggests you possess unique virtues of self-control, Set a perfect 'Vishukkani' to herald prosperity and fortune It is believed that seeing the kani, which represents wealth and prosperity on the dawn of Vishu, would bring in good A house can be built facing south, but follow these vastu rules It is said, in the vastusastra, that people can live long in a house if it is built parallel to the orbit or the Fingers can reveal a lot about your personality People with long and slender fingers would be friendly and calm and would approach problems with calmness.

    Know your Vishu predictions for Vishu predictions tell what's in store for those who are into new venture, seeking job or in a relationship. Keep Chinese coins to boost your wealth Feng shui suggests that when these coins are offered as gifts on special occasions, both the giver and receiver will Saw any of these dreams recently? It means wedding bells Here are twelve dreams, according to astrologers, that herald your matrimonial alliance.

    How can vastu play a role in choosing plot for house As per the vastu rules, an even plot with natural features like lush green field, a river or a water body lying to Decoding 'namasthe' pose during prayer While praying in temples, hold the palms of both hands together in the shape of a lotus.

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    Follow these rituals to cast away spell of evil eyes Warding off evil eyes using mustard seeds, dried chilies and salt is still followed in many places. Here is why you're asked to remove shirt in some temples While visiting a shrine, devotees wear the simplest dress in the most proper manner. Starting a day as per astrological tradition in Kerala The tendency to look at the mirror on getting up is also common.

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    Know who benefits from wearing yellow sapphire According to astrology followed in Kerala, wearing a yellow sapphire implies both positive and negative impacts Read fortune, character from the life line on your palm Lifeline on the palm reflects the quality of life a person enjoys. Read your fortune from bracelet lines on the wrist Palmistry attaches much importance to each line and points out its significance. Where to grow money plant inside house to bring in wealth Many people believe that a money plant would make them rich, even though such a premise is not backed by scientific Wearing a ring on each finger and the result It is believed that there are different outcomes from wearing a ring on each of the fingers.

    The four names of Goddess that should be recited during Pongala Pongala is a ritual that is symbolic of boiling the bad qualities in humans like anger, greed, covetousness, Predicting fortune, character from triangles on your palm A clearly defined triangle here may mean that the person is a fighter. Do mango trees in bloom drop a clue on drought? The shape of eyes can predict your character The space between two eyes and their movements, apart from their shape, can tell a lot about the character of a Know the gemstone that can keep your love glowing Wearing a diamond ring during the engagement ceremony has become a tradition these days.

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